His Punch Lines Cross Moral Lines. Anthony Jeselnik Gets Away With It.

In his ruthlessly funny new special, “Fire in the Maternity Ward,” which debuts on Netflix on Tuesday, the stand-up comic Anthony Jeselnik muses nostalgically that you never forget the first time you had sex.

“You know those stories you hear about kids who lose their virginity to a hot babysitter?” he says, holding the silence an beat. “I was that babysitter.”

Jeselnik’s punch lines are like Kyrie Irving’s crossover dribbles: You know they’re coming, have a good sense of the direction, and yet you’re still surprised. “Even comedians who know the violent twist is coming, we still fall for it,” said John Mulaney, who has known Jeselnik for 14 years. “I don’t think I have ever guessed one of his punch lines.”

New York Times